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the burning villages, to which they set fire as they came along, and, meeting with no opposition, no doubt they anticipated an easy victory. By this time I had taught

my people to hold themselves in check, and act together, instead of each man fighting for his own hand. Waiting till they had got within easy striking distance, we poured in

protestsProtest Outside Courtroom

and arrows and I did service with my rifle. Following up the surprise caused by this unexpected reception, we were soon among them and engaged in a warm hand-to-hand fight, which lasted until we had beaten off the invaders and followed them right back into their

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attle, which had started in the early morning, lasted until midday, and, having administered severe punishment, we camped for the night in the enemy’s district. We had had the good fortune to capture the enemy’s chief, who was brought a prisoner into our camp, and the next morning I consulted

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s to what was to be done with him, and it was at last decided to hold a shauri (pronounced showari), or council, on the matter. I 96 asked them what they would have done in a case like this if I had not been with them, and they replied that they would eithe

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snowRoads Closed Due To Storm

d him or made him pay a heavy fine. I pointed out that killing him or making his people pay a heavy fine would only aggravate the enmity of these people, and so cause more trouble later on. I told them that it would be better to make the chief restore everything t

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len by him—not in previous years, but in the raids which had taken place during my stay among them, and to this course they finally agreed. Within a few days all the stolen property was restored to its original owners, causing much rejoicing among them, as they had, of course, never expected t

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t again. Of course, I took precautions to see that no friction occurred during the process of retransferring the recovered property, and having invited some of the chief men of both districts to my camp, we got on quite friendly terms. Seeing them sitting, eat